metronewz:Walk At Least 2500 Steps per Day Instead of 10,000
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#Metronewz:Walk At Least 2500 Steps per Day Instead of 10,000
Dr. Madhur Verma, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Community & Family Medicine, AIIMS, Bathinda, Punjab; Dr Sanjay Kalra, DM (AIIMS); President SAFES, Bharti Hospital, Karnal, Haryana   

Walking as little as 2500 to 3000 steps per day yields significant health benefits in terms of reduced mortality and incident heart disease, according to a new research published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology.1 Walking faster adds to the beneficial outcomes.1,2
This study was a meta-analysis of published evidence (up to October 2022) with the objective to investigate the relationship between daily step counts and adverse outcomes. Twelve studies involving 111,309 adults, aged 62.5 years (mean) and comprising 60.8% women were selected for analysis. None of the participants had a history of known heart disease. All-cause mortality and incident heart disease were the primary endpoints of the study. There were 4.4

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